Black Dutch

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"Maybe it comes from an older generation, because Karl Lagerfeld is like that. He never tells you he is feeling bad — never, never. Never shows his problems. I think it’s very chic. It’s like to go to a party, when you spend five hours to get dressed, it doesn’t have to show. You have to be like you dressed in two minutes, you know? You don’t have to see the work behind. This is not chic. What is chic is just to be perfect, like magical, no? So work behind has to exist, but you don’t have to show it."

- Carine Roitfeld (via ahtitapio)

(Source: New York Magazine, via ahtitapio)


Lou Doillon & Olivier Zahm’s new short film in progress. How does she make a black sweater and jeans look better than every piece of clothing every other person has?